Modular Access Systems

CUPLOCK – Functional design with simplicity of connection

The Cuplock system has been designed to meet the requirements of commercial construction industries. The system requires less labour to erect and dismantle than other modular wedgelock and traditional system. The cuplock system is a quick fastening and rigid locking of horizontals which is versatile and optimized for all type of construction. For large commercial projects, this can represents significant savings for the project because of lower labour needs and faster project progress.

The success of Cuplock lies in its principal design features:

  • Greatest structural integrity and load bearing
  • Requiring minimum maintenance
  • Smooth rounded joints without sharp extrusions
  • Rust resistant durability from hot tipped galvanized components
  • Multiple working platforms within the same structure
  • Quick fastening of horizontals
  • Quick erection and dismantling resulting in time and labour saving
  • Simplicity of components and their connection
  • No special tools required for assembly (hammer and spirit level only)
  • Safety with proven track record