Safety Training

AXS takes all necessary steps to ensure the safety, health and welfare of all employees, sub-contractors, project site personnel and the public whenever scaffolding is used on a site. We work safely in an environment that promotes the health and well-being of the individual.

AXS accepts the responsibility for taking all necessary precautions to eliminate injury and accidents by identifying workplace hazards in Job Safety Statements and promoting safe workplace practices among its employees and contractors.

AXS abides by all statutory acts and regulations as a minimum standard and strives to maintain a level of safety which extends beyond the legal limits.

Our induction process is designed to ensure all employees are given adequate training and instruction to allow them to perform their duties in a safe and efficient manner. All company personnel and those working as subcontract teams must undergo this program covering the company’s safe workplace practices, rules and procedures.


AXS policy standards require:

  • Supervising personnel understand and accept responsibility for preventing injuries to people they supervise.
  • All employees accept their responsibility to work safety and to extend this concern to their employees
  • Equipment and processes in new and existing operations are properly tagged and operated, designed and maintained to comply with health and safety requirements.
  • All accidents and incidents are thoroughly investigated to prevent re-occurrence
  • All employees attend training programmes and inductions as an integral part of their employment conditions.
  • If illness or injury results in disability to an employee, the company will make all reasonable efforts to provide an appropriate rehabilitation program to assist employees to return to work or gainful employment.