Managing Director

Our team of expert staff headed by Managing Director Scott Williams (MAICD) with over 30 years experiences as a registered builder and consultant in the specialized area of construction access management and services.

Born in Perth, Western Australia, Scott has worked with some of the biggest engineering, construction and mining companies in Australia. In his early 20s, he worked with Multiplex Construction where he gained invaluable experience in project management completing many significant construction building projects in Perth. Whilst then working for one of their major subcontractors, he saw an opportunity to create his first scaffold company which under his stewardship became one of the state’s leading scaffolding companies throughout the 1990s. In 2000, he founded another very successful scaffold company, Hire Access Scaffolding. The company was sold to an international formwork company in 2008, which then listed on the Australian Security Exchange and fell into trading difficulty. Following in late 2011, AXS Access Management Pty Ltd was established.

Mr. Williams’s experienced directorship has seen his involvement in the private, public sector and international companies over many years. His extensive leadership has always encouraged a hands on approach and the need for detailed attention at the project coal face.


Head of Finance & Administration 

Pratigya has joined our team in May 2017 with over 12 years of experience as company accountant across various industries including construction, engineering and banking. Pratigya manages the finance and admin team. She is a member of CPA Australia.


General Manager

Mr. Biddle has over 20 years extensive experience in complex scaffolding access across many fields, including building construction, civil works, oil & gas onshore and offshore.

Mr. Biddle has worked 13 years as a scaffold supervisor in the UK for large construction scaffolding companies. He has administrated many commercial scaffolding contracts in Perth.


Operation Manager

Mr. Gregory is highly skilled and qualified in operational management. Before joining AXS, Phil was with Department of Mines and Petroleum and MAS AusGroup.

Mr. Gregory has brought his exceptional experience in scaffolding logistics and safety to the company. Phil is also highly experienced information systems and network management personnel.

Working at the top!