Capability Statement

AXS specializes in the supply of scaffolding, access and hoists, as well as design, management services and site safety systems.

In its short history, AXS has achieved excellent market penetration working on major projects throughout Western Australia.

AXS was incorporated in Australia in November in 2011, established by Scott Williams, who is a registered builder with over 30 years’ experience in commercial, residential and civil construction projects.
Scott specialized in the area of access management servicing the building industry.

In February 2013, AXS acquired a liquidated company, Hire Access Pty Ltd, which included not only a large volume of scaffolding components but also a logistics fleet and intellectual property. The acquisition has extended our company’s resources and infrastructure significantly. Now we have an extensive range of scaffold stock consisting of over 8,000 tons of modular, tube and fitting, and frame system scaffolding, we have our own fleet of crane trucks, in house engineers and design backup. With nothing needed to be outsourced, we can provide a much faster, efficient and cost effective service for all your needs whilst still maintaining a close personalized one on one working relationship with your site management and administration staff.

Besides looking after your every scaffolding needs, Access Management also has a long term and strong alliance with De Jong Hoists (AUS), which specializes in all type of rack and pinion construction hoists and is able to supply full services with a high level of quality, reliable and safe hoists throughout Australia.

AXS has four logistical operations:

(a)            Malaga Headquarter–

Management, administration and painting facility for equipment repair and maintenance;

(b)            Truganina (Malaga) Operation –

Holding majority of modular scaffolding components, servicing all metropolitan and country commercial construction projects;


(c)            7 Harris Road, Malaga – Holding majority of frame scaffolding components, servicing all metropolitan and county residential construction projects;


(d)            Karratha stock –

Stock holding tube & fitting and modular scaffolding components, servicing some North West commercial construction, civil, resource projects;