Planner Guide

The Rewards of Early Access Planning

slider1_960x600It is essential that adequate time and funding is allocated for all of the project access needs, including installation, movement and removal of building products but since scaffolding does not form part of the final permanent structure it is often omitted from early planning procedures, sometimes with expensive consequences.

In contrast with our planning and programming expertise and experienced project managers and contractors will ensure our clients enjoy the benefit of professionally managed projects. This results in greater productivity, cost efficiencies and increases the opportunity to meet or exceed construction schedules and therefore, higher rewards.

Advanced planning allows AXS to provide effective solutions to difficult access problems also reducing costs for access and improving schedule performance. We have pioneered the development of initiatives to encourage developers, planners and project teams within the construction industry to engage Access Planning in the early stages of concept and design of their construction projects.

Single-point Contact Management

Each project is managed by a single project manager from estimating through to repatriation of equipment. Clients enjoy a positive and productive relationship with one person who manages and supervises the contract. Members of our project management team are fully grounded in construction procedures and practices, and have extensive working knowledge of access requirements for all types of projects.

What you can expect from our project managers:

  • Honesty and integrity
  • Full working knowledge of scaffolding systems and your project
  • Prompt and polite attention
  • Attention to detail
  • Assistance in the design of the scaffolding needs for your project
  • Solutions to unique or unusual problems

Planning and design.

The planning, quantifying and design process at AXS.

Effective building scheduling relies almost entirely on timely and correct provision of access. The benefits of early access planning include more accurate estimating and budgeting; early limitation of potential problems and hazards; the design of effective solutions to difficult access problems, and a better understanding of scheduling constraints across the entire project. The AXS planning procedures include any impacts that may occur to scheduling.

The AXS CAD estimating process with iScaff

Construction drawings are processed through the AXS iScaff system to efficiently and accurately cost the project and estimate quantities and transport weight.

The iScaff system is an integrated work-flow system, connecting design and estimating with production. It helps ensure that all of the correct components are available and allocated to the job in a timely manner increasing supply efficiency and eliminating stock outage.

AXS project management process.

AXS undertakes the full supply of all scaffolding components, transportation, labour as well as any necessary plant and equipment, and labour this is required to provide total access for the period of a construction or maintenance project.

Our knowledge and experience extends to all types of construction projects including:

Multi storey commercial projects

  • Cinema complexes
  • Hotels
  • Office buildings
  • University/Schools
  • Hospitals/medicine centres
  • Shopping malls and centres
  • Convention centres
  • Sports facilities

Multi-story dwellings

  • Flats/units
  • Luxury apartments
  • Grow dwellings

Domestic Cottage Construction

  • 2 story homes
  • Town House
  • Estate Housing

Marine and civil works:

  • Shipyard maintenance
  • Offshore marine
  • Defence contracts
  • Bridge construction
  • Infrastructure utilities construction
  • Mining & resource infrastructure

Industry and resources

  • Refinery shutdowns
  • Plant installations


  • Staging and audience access
  • Theatrical prop support + access
  • Stadiums / sports Arena’s