In the year 2000, Scott Williams, a registered builder with more than 25 years in the construction industry, had a vision to create an innovative Western Australian scaffolding company capable of offering the construction industry a level of service, commitment and enterprise not previously available.

AXS Access Management grew from this vision. At the cornerstones lay four fundamentals:

Respect – for others and for self. AXS subscribes to the principle of respect for all people engaged within the organisation, for customers’ and clients’ values, for all those who support and provide service to the organisation, and for all others who make up the industry and community within which AXS works.

Aspiration – ‘Working At the Top’ for AXS, isn’t just about providing vertical access: it’s also about achieving great goals, and providing a higher degree of service in a safer and better managed working environment.

Ethics – AXS is founded on a high standard of ethical behaviour in all of its relationships and practises. Providing an exemplary service can only be achieved in a shared environment of honesty and trust.

International Outlook – AXS procures equipment, knowledge and materials that can be measured in World standards and applied for the benefit of local industry.

AXS has developed a reputation for fair and honest dealings in all its relationships. This reputation has led to rapid growth of a company that will continue to provide flexibility in the management of its increasing opportunities.



AXS Management supplies highly effective temporary structures that facilitate a workforce’s safe and secure vertical access to buildings and structures while they are undergoing construction or maintenance. Thus, AXS provides construction and maintenance workforces with the capacity to work at the top.


AXS is driven by the need to provide safer and more effective access solutions to construction and maintenance services by engaging the best people who deliver the best service to clients.

AXS employees and company representatives are proud of the service they deliver. They offer innovation solutions that effectively solve client’s problems using current and evolving technology, products and know how to meet the deadlines of construction and budget constraints.